A Time For Rebirth

"In those tenuous moments when tears stream down our face and stings our bloodshot eyes and we’re lying on the decimated battlefield with cavernous bullet holes in our Soul, a stirring in our horizon awakens, nudging us towards the effervescent sunrise -- that formidable resolve in our spirit that lifts us from the artillery shell, pinches us and tells us we’re alive.

A spirit of hope and vitality expertly guides us through the contours of the field, fortifying us with the indomitable strength to survive anything.

We can pick ourselves up. We can put ourselves back together. We can go out there again and fight. Fight for our right to be alive. Our right to be feel pain. Our right to feel. Pain is food for the Soul. We need it to grow, to get fortified, not nullified. Pain leads to rebirth and a revivification of our spiritual prowess."

~Alexys Fairfield

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