Sweet Cacophony

"We are constantly surrounded by sounds. Traffic -- radios -- televisions -- keyboards -- airplanes -- construction -- office machines -- elevators -- appliances, there is always something that chimes, hums, buzzes or dings.

Not to mention some people never stop talking - - Ever! I must say, I used to find these sounds so annoying, especially car alarms. The cacophony used to bring so much stress to my ears, then I thought, wait a minute, God devised all of these sounds and if God devised them they can’t be that bad.

I changed the way I heard these sounds. The moment I told myself that they weren’t annoying, they became softer, gentler and less stress to my hearing.

Now every time I hear them, I can’t help but to think, that’s just God moving through the universe."

~Alexys Fairfield

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