Writers Power

Very few professions have a load of people giving you gifts so you can write good things about them. A writers words can be worth more than gold and can be more deadly than napalm. At the end of the day, it's just an opinion from an observer feeding into the sheep consciousness; those who have forgotten the rhythm of thinking and cannot dance to life without looking at someone else's feet.

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"Writers like priests don't make a lot of money, but they make up for it in the power they wield. They have the power to convey ideas in a way no one else does. And yes, people are always sucking up to us because of that power."

~Alexys Fairfield


Raging Water

Don't wait until times are bad to ask God for whatever you need. The force is always with you to be tapped into at any interval, any crisis, any joy, anything at any time.

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"Sometimes our faith in God has to be restored. No matter how much we believe or think we believe in God, there are times when our faith escapes us. Often times when we are faced with death, we remember God. Don't wait until then. Keep the faith. God is always with us."

~Alexys Fairfield



The rain of nature is a necessary element to growth in our nature. It brings renewal and rebirth. A rainbow tells us that we still have magic in our lives.

"God brings the rain,
takes it away
then gives you a rainbow.
The rain in our lives
teaches us
to handle pain,
and sadness.
Once we understand it
and move through it,
we appreciate the beauty
of the rainbow
in all of its glory."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Be The Light

You can make a difference in someone's darkness and sometimes that difference is a matter of light and death.

"Let your light shine
and if you see someone's
light is burned out,
hold a spotlight on them.
We all want to feel
like we are contributing
something to the flow of life."

~Alexys Fairfiled

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Hollywood God

Have celebrities turned spirituality on its ear? Have they got you believing that God is a commodity in Hollywood? Delve into the celebrity craze on spirituality. The only God in Hollywood is Godzilla.

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"Spirituality is not created by a celebrity or guru, it already exists. We were all created by God. Soul exists because God loves it. As we strive in our lives, we eventually discover that God's love transcends all that we will ever desire and all that we will ever become. Our experiences build our spirit, thus increasing our spirituality. Spirituality is not a manmade concept rife in commercialism, nor a red string tied around a wrist, or a cross hanging from a neck.

It is balance in thoughts, emotions and actions. It is humility. It is completely quieting the ego. An effervescent essence of God that permeates throughout your being. It's divine spirit pure and simple."

~Alexys Fairfield



"Life is an odyssey,
a collection of uniquely
derived moments
designed to lead you to
your real moments of truth.
A time that can clip your wings
or give flight to the phoenix
in your Soul.
This is your moment.
Life gives you wings,
all you have to do is fly."


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