Welcome Change

"Surrendering to change is one of the most difficult tasks you have as a spiritual being. Though you may not welcome change, it is very welcoming. The longer you procrastinate, the harder change will be." 


You Won't Break

"The only terms of service love has is your willingness to be honest, loyal and fearlessly engage in your transformation. You will change. You will expand. You will bend. You will flow. You won’t break." 

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Architect Of Consciousness

"Live each day with passion and it will surely fuel everything that you desire in your heart. You are the architect of your consciousness, measuring, drawing, making plans for the way you live." 

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Value Of Opinion

"If you don’t learn the value of your own opinion, you will always rely on the opinion of others. You should never forfeit your opinion no matter how hard someone wants you to do it."


Result Of Your Action

"What makes you different is the your outcome - your disposition - the result of your action - how you drive through the tunnels and take detours to get back on the road." 

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Grief And Love

"Grief brings us together and we get through it with love. And it’s this resolve that keeps us inherently connected." 

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Pick Yourself Up

"Once you realize the value of a mistake, and what it’s meant to teach, you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move forward." 

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Multiplying Blessings

"Gratitude has a lot more benefits than changing your state of mind, it changes your state of being, your appreciation for life increases, your blessings multiply and your heart is in a sate of acceptance."

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Pockets Of Magnificence

"For everything that can be construed as negative, life has pockets of magnificence. They are scattered everywhere. When you find one, something magical happens." 

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Fear Captives

"To get to that level of unadulterated profundity -- those undefinable dimensions -- we have to immerse ourselves into the undefinable spaces of evolution that mutates our dimension every millisecond of our life until we are no longer captives of our own fear." 

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