Through Action

"We learn through action - not intent. Education in soul is motion. Moving our brain cells beyond the page and cultivating new ideas, different spins, and not being afraid to have an opinion even if it is not popular."


Say, "I Am Grateful"

"Let us feel the spirit rising in us that has risen in so many others to be grateful of our accomplishments and failures, for our loves and our losses, for everything that has brought us forward to this point in time."

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Thinking Outside The Book

"An education - a real education is not found in the hallowed halls of a building, it’s what we do outside of those walls that count. We spend countless hours and years pouring over books, memorizing text and equations without harnessing the power of thought. We must think out of the book, put theories into action and make new discoveries for the next wave to build on."

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Just Love

"Two words that will serve you well: Just love."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Human Kind

"Speak from your highest place without looking down on others."

Alexys Fairfield


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