Liquid Eyes

"It’s too much sometimes. The world crashes down on us and crushes our heart. We are pinned under a wheel of hurt; a Catherine Wheel of sorts, laying in excruciating pain with squashed limbs while our living remains are threaded through spokes and pole hoisted into the air for vultures and crows to feast.

We have to cry. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, a release of emotional density, chemicals and hormones that have built up in our brain over time. The chemicals and hormones disappear from our body through the form of tears, soothing our sadness or distress by withdrawing these chemical agents. Crying is a stoppage of emotional erosion that can spill over into spiritual inadequacy."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Maithri  – (11/22/2007 4:03 AM)  

Wise, wise friend,

I have a picture of you writing...

leaving little notes on the refrigerator, words scribbled on the pavement, in fogged up car windows...

Words that the mystery gave you, to share with us all.

Thank you for your wisdom,

Keep writing love my friend,

With love, M

Alexys Fairfield  – (11/22/2007 11:52 AM)  

I love your picture of me. You are right, except that I have a spray paint can and I usually go around at night with a hood. I walk among the taggers, but instead of spraying my initials on buildings, I spray words of inspiration. Ha Ha.

I do have lots of notes around, in every drawer, my car, my purse, my head, etc.

And yes, they do come from the great mystery who I have come to know well, as you have.

The mystery provides life to the breathless and love to the loveless and gives me an opportunity to open my heart as all hearts could be opened.

Thnak you for your continued love and support. We are Soul companions from eons ago. May we always continue to love. :D

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