Glass Eyes

"Photographs don't represent who we are, they are merely an image of an illusion. Photographs are counterfeits, not the real thing. They’re fakes, phantoms. I am not fake, I am genuine, that’s one reason I don’t like photographs. They’re just not me.

We are not a face. We are not a body. We are a concert of atoms and molecules held together by a chord that ties us all together. We are Soul swimming to freedom greeted by the eternal lifeguard who transports us home to the pinnacle of existence. That’s a much better pedigree than a face on glossy photo paper.

We only occupy this physical space to evolve into a non physical space. Spirituality is the tangible intangible. We can see it in the actions of others. We can feel it in words of love, kindness and thoughtfulness that touch us on the deepest level. All of those things stay with us longer than a photograph. A photograph can only be seen from the outside, spirituality can be seen from everywhere."

~Alexys Fairfield

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