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"Life is about leadership. Life comes from seeds and seeds come from life. We lead by example. Something inside us sparks the initial thought, which leads to action, fueled by passion and wrought with desire, determination and a willingness to fail.

Most great leaders won’t tell you that they have had plenty of failures on their journeys to greatness. Abraham Lincoln being one of the most famous failures. He has had enough failures to fill an ocean. That’s one reason motivational speakers use him as an example. Failure is a tool to success.

When you look at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. you don’t think, “Oh, what a failure.” You think, “Oh, what a monument.” That’s what leadership is - - monumental thinking - - monumental action - - monumental passion. Monumental movement moves mountains. Monumentality instills purpose.

We are the architects of our own destiny. Purveyors of decree, not once questioning our raison d'etre. We lay the groundwork, build pillars, and construct beams across uncharted blue skies - - eagle-eyeing the azure, indigo and cobalt that leads to the twilight of stars."

~Alexys Fairfield

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surjit  – (11/15/2007 10:33 PM)  

I fully agree with your valuable words:
...'We lay the groundwork, build pillars, and construct beams across uncharted blue skies..'
Thanks Alexys Fairfield, for sharing a great motivational post.
God bless.

Alexys Fairfield  – (11/15/2007 10:50 PM)  

We don't realize the power we have in our hands to be great monuments and stand tall among the gods.

Thanks for your kind remarks.

Happy Blessings to you.

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Thanks for sharing.

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