Center Yourself

"Today let the wind carry you to the center of life and connect you to the vitality of your spirit. Stand and face the phantoms, find your power and let the sun electrify every fiber of your being. You are here to be love and to be loved. There is nothing in the world that says you can’t have all the love you need. It is already decreed by the universal life force. Don’t think that you won’t ever find love. Let it find you -- and it will."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Maithri  – (11/16/2007 6:25 AM)  


This is truly spectacular, life affirming writing.

Love to you gifted friend,


Alexys Fairfield  – (11/16/2007 10:23 AM)  

You are spectacular and life affirming. You are light in the darkness. Thank you for illuminating my life.

Love and blessings my special one.

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