Twist To Turn

"If we don’t feel good about ourselves, and our choices, then how can we feel good about the consequences? We have to turn ourselves upside down, shake what's inside and unsettle the sediment that has collected for years. How many people are quietly dying inside because they can’t shake themselves? That’s the real human tragedy - not being ourselves - and not feeling we can be ourselves because of what people will think about us."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Matt –   – (9/06/2008 1:50 PM)  

I like it, Alexys! (Goes without saying, probably - but the more voices we have singing this song, the better, in my opinion).

We can never have too many authentic individuals.

Alexys Fairfield  – (9/06/2008 5:20 PM)  

It is so true. Keep singing with me and maybe we can make a difference in the chorus of the world. :D

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