Trouble Shooting

"We don't know what really transpires behind closed doors, in dark alleys or in hidden caves across the world to cause any war. We only know after the fact what "may" have happened to cause the schism? The truth is taken to the grave.

It's hard to exhume truth with so many skeletons in the closet. Many years of wrongdoing are in the veins of blood that run deep through generations.

We have to see our fellow man from inside his heart, his reasoning, logic and trouble-shooting experience.

We have to start a dialogue, get to know him, walk in his shoes, feel where he's coming from, see where he's going. We must see him as we would like to be seen and not judge what we think we know of him.

If we get to know him, we find that we both want peace even if it is pieced together little by little. We are mosaic interwoven in the spirit of God. We are bound to each other."

~Alexys Fairfield

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