Frowning Glory

“If 13 muscles are used to smile and 47 are required for frowning, why do people put so much muscle into making their lives miserable?”

~Alexys Fairfield

NathanKP  – (11/28/2008 2:43 PM)  

That is a really interesting idea. I love the image you choose as well.

I think that to some extent people want to be miserable because they want pity.


Maithri  – (11/28/2008 4:04 PM)  


So true, if we could only put that same effort into joy!... that would be somethin to see...

With love, M

Alexys Fairfield  – (11/28/2008 8:23 PM)  

Those people who are miserable are the very ones who need our compassion. They can't find the way out of their darkness and need us to embrace them into the light.

Alexys Fairfield  – (11/28/2008 8:24 PM)  

I hear you loud and clear. :D

Joy to the world and love to you.

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