Spiritual Workout

"We go to the gym regularly and watch what we put into our bodies, yet we let our hearts become out of shape by not exercising our good will, compassion and love - and that's what matters. There is no point reshaping our outer extremities if by doing so, it doesn't make us a better person and open our heart to human kindness."

~Alexys Fairfield

NathanKP  – (11/21/2008 2:25 PM)  

I agree. Internal reshaping is much more important than anything we can do to our external selves.


Alexys Fairfield  – (11/21/2008 4:29 PM)  

Hi Nathan,
Isn't that the truth?

Maithri  – (11/22/2008 6:50 AM)  

Amen, Amen my sister,

Its that internal work...that is always the most important...

If we do that work...then the rest becomes so easy,

Much love to you dear friend, M

Alexys Fairfield  – (11/22/2008 12:53 PM)  

If we could only have (outer) spiritual gyms, imagine how our world would change?

Sending love and hugs to you my friend.

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