Walk Away

"Having love for our fellow beings is knowing when we can no longer assist them. Having love for them should never compromise the commitment we have to love ourselves. Even if it is hard to walk away, it is easier than the alternative of staying in negative energy that is not productive."

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Rizal Affif  – (1/05/2010 3:45 PM)  

Hi Alexys :)

Thought I like this blog of yours too :) Mainly because of it's short yet thoughtful posts... love them :)

I guess real love is simply love--love for others or for ourselves are just so small manifestation of it. Real love sets free, indeed, instead of creating attachment and possessiveness :)

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/05/2010 8:37 PM)  

Hi Rizal,

Thank you for your generous comments. I am happy to have you among my lovely readers.

Love is. :D

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