"Between the time we're born and the time we die, we have been blessed by a series of circumstances that propel us into infinity. We've been around the sun, circled the moon and ridden on our own star. Truth has awaken within us and we spend our lives trying to put it back to sleep when all it wants is to keep us awake."

~Alexys Fairfield

Rizal Affif  – (1/13/2010 3:14 PM)  

The Truth keeps showing signs, but does not make clear message. I guess such is why it gets dismissed most of the time--or is it because we've lost certain degree of sensitivity towards the sign when we grew up? I see children capture the signs pretty well while their parents consider them as "childish view of the world"...

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/13/2010 7:25 PM)  

Hi Rizal,

Isn't it interesting how as children we tell the truth until we become adults?

Kim  – (1/24/2010 12:45 PM)  

It is bred out of our minds (speaking the truth, I mean) Truth does show signs that we have become insensitive too and we expect clear messages...why do we expect clear messages. Maybe the key word is "expect"

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/24/2010 9:38 PM)  

Hi Kim,

If we open our eyes, the truth is clear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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