Lovely Solitude

"You are where you are because of the questions you've already answered. Revel in the quiet time. Turn up the volume to solitude. Tap into the infinity that is you. Solitude brings you closer to who you are, sharpens your mind, strengthens your soul and fine tunes your hearing. Solitude is the power to heal yourself, hear yourself think, break your thinking and feel your life taking shape without thinking."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Rizal Affif  – (1/07/2010 5:26 PM)  


Ah, how lovely is solitude.

Only I solitude, I remember; The True Identity lies beneath the fleshly shell.

Thanks for blowing the chime, Alexys :)

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/07/2010 9:00 PM)  

Hi Rizal,

Indeed, the true identity is waiting for us to explore it.

Indigo  – (1/08/2010 6:28 AM)  

To infinity and beyond !

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/08/2010 11:33 AM)  

Hi Indigo,

Brilliant! Thanks for your great addition.

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