God Ajar

"It's the misinterpretation of God that puts man in the red and derails us from our life's purpose. It's not about who can knock the most soldiers down, who can proselytize, or who can take a supersonic jet to heaven - it's our commitment to a super high way of living - the way of love.

It's about embracing our brothers and sisters and helping them up the ladder in their quest to be free of this mortal coil.

If we only put faith in the words of others, we won't discover the truth for ourselves. Religion chokes the very life out of God and limits it to the page. God can be contained to a page as much as we can contain the wind - ocean - or the sky in a jar. It simply doesn't do it justice.

Let the spirit fly off the page, run across your face, glide into your eyes, trickle down to your ears, beat a path to your heart and take residence in your Soul. That's where it does it's best work - molding you into who you are."

~Alexys Fairfield

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