"When we speak of personal freedom and civil liberties, we are not only talking about how we can improve our quality of living, but using our knowledge to help elevate the consciousness of the people. And by elevating ourselves I don't just mean reaching up, but reaching out and around."

~Alexys Fairfield

Liara Covert  – (1/03/2009 5:36 AM)  

Elevating the consciousness of others sometimes seems like its got to be an inside job. That is, you can always offer alternative ways of thinking, acting and doing. Yet, imposing your views is not the way to encourage someone else's self-discovery. That someone is seeking alternatives will lead them to open their senses wider and notice you exist. People look to others out of curiosity and bewilderment at times before they evolve to realize it is part of a personal journey to growing awareness. People on spiritual journeys learn the implications of what they are doing, as they go along.

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/03/2009 1:15 PM)  

Hi Liara,
I agree. I will add that if we all face life with love, then we will elevate ourselves in more ways than one.

Thanks for your take.

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