Fear Of God

"We can't learn the secrets of life, love and behavior at their deepest core from a book. Books are only stepping stones to open discussion, to bridge the gap of understanding and to perhaps offer a different perspective. The main purpose is to cause us to discover the deeper truths within ourselves, to face ourselves unflinchingly and to have no fear in what we uncover.

The fear of death keeps many in a sort of religious quicksand. Even though they may not agree with what is spewed from the pulpit, they are immobile because they think they will be castigated for going against God. Many zealots preach love when their bloodshot eyes are bulging with the fear of God.

~Alexys Fairfield

Mark  – (1/16/2009 6:48 AM)  

The fear of death is powerful for many reasons. You have illustrated the trapping of many organized religions and that is the fear of
God. To fear God is the ultimate fear which goes against the basic tenant that God is the personification of love.

Alexys Fairfield  – (1/16/2009 2:11 PM)  


Exactly. God IS love.

Thanks for stopping in today.

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