"A loving marriage is a comprised of two Souls who have set out to sea. They learn to swim with or against the tide and in doing that they learn to rely on each other to keep them afloat. Real love keeps them above water and together they sail."

~Alexys Fairfield

NathanKP  – (10/07/2008 12:10 PM)  

Sometimes storms may threaten,
Sometimes waves may crash.

Sometimes driftwood floats apart.

Amidst the cold a single warmth is shared,
When love is formed, and different hearts are paired.
But even embers in the end turn gray,
And flames of love are charcoal in the day.

Real love is hard to find.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

Liara Covert  – (10/07/2008 2:00 PM)  

This thought-provoking quote was sent to me by a colleague after my recent wedding. It triggers thoughts in my mind of versions of the song "Sailing" sung by Christopher Cross and also by Rod Stewart. We each have our own mental images of what love is. This is based on heresay and then evolves based on our own dreams and experiences.

Alexys Fairfield  – (10/07/2008 6:12 PM)  

Beautiful words. Don't you think it's possible that real love can be found within our internal walls?

Alexys Fairfield  – (10/07/2008 6:15 PM)  

I know the song very well. Love expands and contracts according to our ability to see, hear, touch and feel - it even goes way beyond that into the nameless ethers.

NathanKP  – (10/09/2008 8:09 AM)  

I believe that real love is found within, but when it comes to sharing it with another person you can never tell where their heart truly lies.

No one can completely understand the way the world seems through another person's eyes. Love is faith that although you do not understand, you do not need to.

Alexys Fairfield  – (10/09/2008 9:23 AM)  

I agree. We can never experience love like another. No individuals can see, hear or feel life the exact same way - that's what makes love so invigorating and different. Our chemistry comes together and creates harmony or disharmony. Either way we look at it, love tunes our instruments. Love is risk, faith and the unknown. Thanks for you addition. :D

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