No Expectations

"Sometimes people can’t express love in the same way as you can and they are often thought of as not loving you. Understanding that everyone is different helps you to understand your own capacity to love and not put expectations on someone else to fulfill you."

~Alexys Fairfield

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Maithri  – (7/27/2008 1:06 AM)  

God sent me here to read this right now....

Thank you my sister for sharing such love...

To let others be as they are, not as we would have them be...and to let go our need to be right or well thought of...

surely this is such a huge part of 'right' relations...

Love and the blessings of the deep to you,


Alexys Fairfield  – (7/27/2008 1:55 AM)  

Thank God for sending you here.

You are a man of much wisdom and a heart the size of Texas.

When we let go of our expectations, we let go our need to be right - and that's when the need becomes revelation.

Blessings to you my dear and big (((hugs))). ^_^

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