Last Day

"Suppose this was your last day
on earth.
Would you scream and run around
like a chicken with its head cut off
or thank God for the journey
and have no regrets?"

~Alexys Fairfield

Maithri  – (3/12/2008 7:24 PM)  

I'm hoping the second... but laughing at the idea of the first ;) lol

Sending you my love dear friend,


Alexys Fairfield  – (3/12/2008 8:25 PM)  

Oh Maithri,
I hear you my brother. My mind is so dichotomous at times that I can either go down a serious path or humorous one. Anyway, I am glad that you can appreciate my dilemma.

Always sending you love my friend.

Kem Moseley  – (3/17/2008 3:09 AM)  

A dilemma indeed. However it would not be that much so, if you had a journey that was filled with positive vibes of helping your fellow human no matter their stance or stature in life.

Keep in mind it is a test and the exam will be graded. Are you proud of your answers or did you cheat to pass? It will be known so live life to the fullest and honor life for it is God's creation. Stay true to integrity!


p.s. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a new home.

Alexys Fairfield  – (3/17/2008 5:59 PM)  

I love the way your mind works. There is no doubt in my mind that if we live a life of love and compassion that we will never regret a day in our life.

The tests are daily and the grading comes as quickly when instant karma comes into play.

Live freely in the creation and partake on the feast before us.

Thanks for stopping by, my house is your house. You are always welcome.


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