Finding A Soul Mate

"How much time do we spend searching for a soul mate? We look all around us, but never inside - where the soul mate is residing. Once we realize that, we won't search outside of ourselves for it. A soul mate is different aspects of us that meet in the middle. When we explore the effervescent qualities of our Soul, we are mated for life."

~Alexys Fairfield

Liara Covert  – (12/14/2008 3:34 PM)  

Some human beings also believe in more than one life partner. Rather than assume only one person is meant for you, and you are lost unless you find him/her, it is possible to imagine happiness and fulfillment being complimented by different people at different stages of your life. In the case of romance, some people believe that only one person exists for true love. Another perspective invites people to evolve to rediscover self-acceptance inside. Then, you realize different people compliment your evolution, growth, and self-understanding. I have known some people to only ever date and stay with one partner. Their belief systems are grounded in monogamy and life has kept them together. I have also known other people to date more widely, to marry, separate, divorce or become widowed and discover new friendships and intimacy as part of a meaningful process. You decide what makes sense to you.

Alexys Fairfield  – (12/15/2008 11:00 AM)  

Hi Liara,
Isn't it a fascinating process? So many choices, so little time. There are no absolutes, just experience.

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