“You shouldn’t worry about what
the world thinks of you.
Their thoughts don’t carry
any weight in your Soul.
You don’t have to prove
that you can climb a mountain,
swim across the ocean,
set a world record,
or try to win any accolades
from what others deem is worthy -
you’ve already done that by being here.
You have won.
You were born.”

~Alexys Fairfield

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Liara Covert  – (6/04/2008 3:20 AM)  

This exquisite flower at the start of this post reminds me it can be challenging to decide on preferred flowers for a wedding bouquet. Vibrant colr happens to catch my eye. Many choices and species offer something for everyone. Love your meaningful poetry...

Alexys Fairfield  – (6/04/2008 8:10 AM)  

I love vibrant colors too. They are radiant. The lotus represents the unfolding Soul. As we evolve, we open more to the life force.

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