No Short-cuts

"We pray to God hoping for
a change,
not knowing that we earned
where we are.
Change does not come
before it is due date.
To get "there," we have to
be "here," first.

We are all on the
razor's edge.
The long run has
no short-cuts.
There are no short-cuts
to God,
every cut warrants a deeper
knowledge into your Soul."

~Alexys Fairfield

Maithri  – (2/23/2008 6:46 PM)  


You know i was blog surfin the other day and I saw a link to your blog as "Alexys - Spiritual Goddess"

And you really are!

Love to you beautiful one,


Alexys Fairfield  – (2/23/2008 7:08 PM)  

I know who did that. Bless her. That's funny.

I am honored before God. I thank you for the compliment.

You're the best. :D

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