"To be free in this moment
is to fly like a winged creature
through the ethers and siphon
the liquid azure's majesty.
Time loses its numbers
as we detach.
Thoughts unfasten and
fall motionless
into orbs of glistening
Wake up released and
kiss the birth of the gaze."

~Alexys Fairfield

Maithri  – (2/20/2008 1:02 AM)  

Mercy! This is good... ;)

Sorry didnt mean to sound like Elvis there ;)

But wow! You make my spirit soar my sister, even on weary eyed days like today

Love to you, M

Alexys Fairfield  – (2/20/2008 9:41 AM)  

Sending you soaring even more into the heaven of a new day.

Btw, Elvis is cool - like you.


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