"It's funny how on our deathbed,
we are the way we
should be everyday.
While our life slips away,
we make sure we tell
the people we love
how much they mean to us
and not to make the same
mistakes we made.
Those same people who have
waited for years to hear
what is being said
and who may have even given up
on hearing it altogether.
Don't wait until the end of your life
to tell them you love them.
They want to hear it now.
They want to feel it.
They want to reel it.
They want to run with it.
They want to fly with it.
They want to live with it.
They want to give with it.
They want to die with it.
They want to reverberate.
What we take from our deathbed
is what we should take from life,
exalting moments
blazed across our memory
and etched into the stars."

~Alexys Fairfield

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