Passing of an Angel

Dear friends of Alexys,

It is with a broken heart that my words find you.
Recently God called Alexys into his arms.
She was the nicest and most amazing person I ever knew.

She loved God and she spread love across the world through her writing.
God and writing were her true loves, it brought her so much joy. 
She’s probably writing Gods next speech right now.

God decided to end her pain and in this I take some solace as I saw her pain.
It is far better that he opened his arms and called her home and ended her suffering.
In my grief and loneliness I know that the heavens have a new Angel.

I know she has just moved on and continues to do Gods work.
I shall miss her, but she will live on in my heart and soul forever.
I will always remember her with love and affection.

God Bless Alexys and God Bless you All.

Andrew C. Mathews

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