"If we judge, we are not loving. If we love, we are not judging."

~Alexys Fairfield

Livingsword  – (6/27/2010 7:37 PM)  

How would you compare judging and discernment?

Alexys Fairfield  – (6/27/2010 8:29 PM)  


Judging is what you think of others, discernment is what you think of yourself.

Livingsword  – (6/27/2010 8:48 PM)  

That is an interesting interpretation…here are some dictionary meanings…

1. The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.
2. Keenness of insight and judgment.

I have excluded all the legal definitions for this one…
to infer, think, or hold as an opinion; conclude about orassess: He judged her to be correct.
to make a careful guess about; estimate: We judged thedistance to be about four miles.

I think we place a lot of baggage on the word “judge” as opposed to judgmental (which is also actually very similar to judge, it does not necessarily carry what many would define as negative connotations)… frequently followers of Jesus are reminded that Jesus told us not to judge…however that is not a proper rendition of what He said or intended…however we are told by Him to judge/discern without being hypocrites or being self righteous…we are not to use one standard for ourrself as opposed to others…

Alexys Fairfield  – (6/28/2010 12:01 AM)  


I agree and understand that distinction between the words, judging and judgmental.

Many words are misused and misunderstood, but at least you are on top of it.

Livingsword  – (6/28/2010 7:50 AM)  


How very true…well it Is not easy being me….LOL

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