"Remember how it felt when someone said, "I love you?" Remember the way those feelings ran through your veins like you were on fire? Remember how you couldn't think of anything else except those words? Remember how that no matter what was happening in your life at the time, those three words lifted you? Remember the giddiness, laughter, tenderness. Remember? Remind yourself how you felt in that moment. Replicate it today."

~Alexys Fairfield

Rizal Affif  – (4/04/2010 4:28 PM)  

It's easier for me to remember/replicate the feeling when I am in love. This technique is useful indeed; I can see beauty in many things with it :)

Alexys Fairfield  – (4/05/2010 12:38 AM)  

Hi Rizal,

Aren't you in love everyday? ;D

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