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"I think everything - everything is an offshoot of love in some form. If we have love we can open ourselves up for wisdom. It is a love and understanding of life that creates wisdom. Without love, there is no wisdom. We can survive without wisdom, but we can't survive without love. A lack of love will eventually become an emotional and spiritual tsunami that destroys everything in it's path. The world needs love to contain those pending tsunami's."

~Alexys Fairfield

Avatar  – (5/08/2009 11:40 AM)  

Your blog is great. There are lots of wisdom and wise quotations. I felt like want to read the whole blog soon. Keep it up. :)

Alexys Fairfield  – (5/08/2009 12:09 PM)  

Hi Avatar,

This blog reflects you so it is obvious that you are great. ;D

Thank you for your love and support. Book is coming soon.

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